eBand - The Time Beings
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Signed up: 03 Jan 2009 01:39 PM

Location: Massachusetts
Members: Preston Wayne-Guitar, Jay Martorano-Bass/Vocals, Chris Lillyman-Guitar, Dave Kowalcek-Drums
Genre: Garage Rock / Psychedelic / Surf
Label: dino
Website: myspace.com/thetimebeings
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Total Plays: 1,193
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Total Page Views: 5,551
eBand Contact: thetimebeings@charter.net
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'If you can imagine mashing 40 years of rock in a blender and then tossing in gasoline, whiskey, a tab of acid, and a match, you'd have a decent starting point to describe the band's sound'..John O'Neill/Worcester Phoenix

Like The Contrast, this veteran Massachusetts garage-rock/psych band made my last playlist. I chose a cover of a Kinks song, but really, their feral garage-rock originals are every bit as good, and among the best in the genre. Ken Barnes - USA Today

" This CD should further the divide between audiences who will embrace this band's pure form of rock, and those who will be repelled by its very lack of comparison to anything in today's mainstream.".....Joe Longone - Worcester Phoenix

'The Time Beings sense of rock history begins with the Sonics and ends with the Real Kids'..Brett Milano

'Starting life in the Amherst, MA area in the late 70’s, The Time Beings have been dishing out their no-nonsense brand of garage mayhem for nearly as long as Boston’s Lyres.   While enduring the typical lineup changes of any band so long-lived,  the "Beings" have enlisted the services of one Preston Wayne who has a reputation of his own as guitar-slinger extraordinaire."  Aram Heller - Stanton Park Records 

The fashion police may walk on by, but the Time Beings assure you the party will continue”....Brian Goslow - Boston Phoenix