eBand - Insanitizers
Last update: 02/28/14 20:18:42
Signed up: 26 Aug 2009 10:01 PM

Location: Washington
Members: Conrad, Tom, Ralf, Michael B., Don, Mike M.
Genre: Surf / Rock & Roll / Rockabilly
Influences: Ventures, J.S. Bach, Satriani, Surfaris, Fireballs, Dick Dale, Laika Cosmo
Label: CD Baby
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All Time
Total Plays: 43
Total Streams: 14
Total D/loads: 29
Total Page Views: 6,830
eBand Contact: insanitizers@gmail.com
Booking Contact: insanitizers@gmail.com
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The Sorcerers of Surf Guitar

The Insanitizers began recording in 2000. Once they built up a repertoire of great original songs they began performing. The Insanitizers perform in either Surf Guitar (e.g., "Waterboard Surfing") or Flamenco Rockabilly (e.g., "Undertow Duo") styling, depending on the nature of the performance. They perform in the Portland, Oregon metro area.